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evolutionary plane, the human species has only one board and one ideal. After reiterating his hope in the appearance of the Superman, he proclaims his new faith: that life will begin again1. He then asks them: «Do you want all that once

with the dazzles of his religious transcendentalism and the ingenuities of his august autodidaccia,

When you read this, I who am now visible will have become invisible; Then it will be you, dense and visible, who will notice my poems, who will strive to reach me, Imagining how happy you would be if I were given to be at your age, and become your comrade; Let it be, then, as if I were at your side. (Do not think too much that I shall not then be at your side.)

Ye wooden urns, in which the river-boats are placed! Ye ships in the distance! Ye rows of houses! Ye facades strewn with windows! Ye porches and doors! Ye roofs and trellises! Ye windows whose transparent glass would show so many things!

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Anda boleh menulis ulasan buku dan berkongsi pengalaman anda. Pembaca lain akan berminat untuk mengetahui pendapat anda mengenai buku yang telah anda baca. Sama ada anda menyukai buku itu atau tidak, jika anda memberikan pemikiran anda secara jujur dan terperinci, maka orang akan menjumpai buku baru untuk diri mereka, buku yang sesuai dengan minatnya.

Rodel Ituralde hated waiting, although he knew very well that being a soldier was mainly about that: waiting for the next battle, waiting for the enemy to move, waiting for him to make a mistake. He watched, as motionless as the trees, the frozen forest. The sun was halfway to its zenith and provided no warmth. The mist exhaled as he breathed condensed and covered the neatly trimmed mustache and the black fox fur trimming the hood with a white layer of frost. He was glad he wore the helmet hanging on the saddle knob. The breastplate gathered the cold and radiated it through the jacket and all the wool, silk and linen garments he wore underneath. He even noticed the helor in Dardo’s saddle, as if the white gelding were made of frozen milk. The helmet would have numbed his brain, stunned him.

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Gameescom 2020 brought this Thursday the first of the previews about Season 2 of Fall Guys, the Mediatonic and Devolver Digital hit coming in October. Fall Guys Season 2 was revealed as part of the opening ceremony of the German festival, the so-called Opening Night Live, which showed…

Konami on Monday unveiled the final cover art for the eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE Standard Edition, set for release in physical and digital stores on September 15. For the first time in the history of video games, the cover will feature two of the greatest legends of the game,…

Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition had a very bad debut on PC. The port, called to bring Steam users an installment that was very successful on Playstation, debuted full of bugs and graphical problems, glitches and so on. But now an update comes to fix this version. The…

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Firewatch is a very well done narrative experience. Identified as one of the best indies on the market, it’s a well-paced story about a protagonist who drops everything and goes to control fires in a national park. And perhaps because of this plot it is now in the plans of…

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After a few weeks Aviendha returns to meet Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne at the Citadel of Tear, after the Aiels help Rand take the previously impregnable fortress by surprise. The Aiel reveal that their secret name is the Dragon People and recognize Rand as the one for whom they have been waiting so long. In the following days, Aviendha remains at the Citadel with the other Aiel and befriends the three Accepted Ones, particularly Egwene. Mat Cauthon tries to flirt with the Maidens and enthusiastically accepts the offer to play the «Maiden’s Kiss» offered by Aviendha, Chiad and Bain, without knowing exactly what the game consists of. The three Aiels enjoy the experience very much, but Mat prefers not to talk about it again because of the bad memories it brings back and the predicament he is in, threatened by the sharp spears of the Maidens.

The Aes Sedai, Alleged, Wind Detectors and their retinue leave in haste to a safe place where they can make use of the Bowl of the Winds. Aviendha opens the access and awakens surprise and terror, not exempt of certain admiration, among those present, when she demonstrates that she has a great ability to undo the fabric that forms the access, thus preventing spies or pursuers from finding them. This operation is extremely delicate and dangerous both for the woman she is channeling and for everything around her, but the Wise Ones have forced Aviendha to practice in the Wasteland until she masters the technique. Once they arrive at the farm of the Alleged Ones, a few miles north of Ebou Dar, the Aiel helps Elayne select the angreal they have collected in the warehouse where they found the Bowl and receives the one in the shape of a seated woman. To activate the Bowl of the Winds and restore the usual cycle of the seasons, as strong a circle as possible is required. Of all the women gathered at the farm, Aviendha is undoubtedly one of the most powerful (with a strength equal to that of Elayne and only surpassed by Nynaeve and Talaan din Gelyn), so she is part of the circle that manages to make the Bowl work.

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