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Recall that this free expansion brings with it Figaro’s cafeteria, which will be located inside the museum; along with crops and the return of boat rides (for which players are already saving up). It will also include a revamp of Faun Key: we will now find crafting and DIY stalls.

If you are thinking of buying Happy Home Paradise we recommend you take a look at the information published by Nintendo on its official website: «Users who purchase Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise will be able to play the content indefinitely. Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers will be able to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise as long as they have an active subscription». You have all the information here.

Analysis Animal Crossing: New HorizonsGuide Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Cheats, secrets and tipsAll Animal Crossing gamesAnimal Crossing: New Horizons is the new sequel to the Animal Crossing saga for Nintendo Switch. Developed by Nintendo, it is another chapter in the series of management, collection, decoration and life simulation of the Japanese company, which has earned in its own right to be one of the most reputable after the successful installments of Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. This time, we will travel to a deserted island and build our village from scratch, while making friends with other neighbors.

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I wouldn’t want to waste too much time trying to find a possible definition for Animal Crossing because this is a game that is defined simply by describing it. To digress any further would be to tread into the swampy realm of sentimental mumbo jumbo, and this isn’t exactly one of those games with a climactic ending – in fact, it doesn’t even have an ending.

There is still that carefree routine in which our day-to-day life consists almost exclusively of picking fruit, planting trees, fishing, hunting butterflies, looking for shells on the beach and digging up fossils; the conversations with our neighbors to help them or simply to chat with them; the visits to the Museum and the shopping area; the concern for the town, for everything to be fixed and, obviously, our house, which we can customize with everything we get by performing the actions I just explained.

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In essence, Animal Crossing is a quiet game, and this is something that is underlined by the use of the internal clock of the console, which makes the game time run in parallel with the real time; but if I tell you the truth, my experience in these first weeks has not exactly been a peaceful walk among the flowers. Basically, I have not stopped, and although I would not say that we are facing a frantic and stressful game, it is true that under its childish appearance and the mundane tasks that it proposes us to carry out, hide a series of very basic mechanisms, but that can reach unexpected levels of complexity. Indeed, I am referring to large-scale fruit speculation.


Saltar la canción de Kapp’nPuedes saltarte la larga canción de Kapp’n de camino a la Isla Tropical tocando repetidamente la pantalla táctil o pulsando el botón B. Kapp’n dejará de cantar, amonestará tu impaciencia y te llevará directamente a la isla.

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Evita las colmenasSi quieres sacudir los árboles en paz sin preocuparte de que un volátil enjambre de abejas te persiga y te deje con un ojo hinchado tras ser picado con un terrible y desgarrador sonido metálico, simplemente abre la puerta de tu pueblo. Mientras estés en el modo multijugador, aunque ningún jugador haya entrado en tu pueblo, las colmenas no caerán de los árboles, o si quieres las colmenas, pero no las abejas, agita un árbol y en cuanto caiga la colmena golpea el suelo y aparecerán pulsa inicio y selecciona «Guardar y continuar» y las abejas desaparecerán.

Best Buy Nintendo Zone 2013 ItemsConsigue los muebles de los aldeanosanuncioSi un vecino tuyo tiene un mueble que quieres, puedes conseguirlo enviándoles conchas marinas. Empezarán a reemplazar sus muebles con las conchas y sus muebles aparecerán en la reventa para su compra. Eso sí, asegúrate de que hay espacios vacíos en el mercadillo.

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