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On one of the larger sides we have haptic buttons that allow its use in games to emulate the triggers of consoles. We also have a cooling system that allows the processor to perform at the highest level for longer. This is one of the few mobiles in the world with a mechanical fan that we can hear when it works.

We also have a dual speaker, although the second is in the earpiece and does not get to give us an experience as good as in the ASUS ROG Phone.Returning to positive aspects, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is maintained and we have a physical button to activate the gaming mode, in a red color that does not clash with the finish of the terminal.The construction is of high quality and we can not blame them for having skimped on this to control the price of the device.A performance beyond doubt

Nubia has taken the new RedMagic 6 to another level by allowing a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz, the highest seen in a smartphone.This refresh rate is adaptable, that is, we can change it between 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz and 165Hz. The touch sampling rate has also been taken care of, reaching 500 Hz, something key to not notice latency between touching the screen and the game or application interface responds.However, this screen has a weak point if we compare it with others, the brightness. With a maximum of 630 nits, we have seen how to use this mobile outdoors is not that it is not possible, but it offers us a much worse experience than other models that far exceed 1000 nits.

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Today many of the specifications of these laptops can be found in the mid-range and at much more affordable prices. Things like the HDMI port or USB 3.0 have been democratized and are practically standard.

Less than 2 kg in weight and with 256GB of SSD: this is the cheap laptop that triumphs on AmazonThis Asus laptop is one of the best sellers on Amazon. For less than 200 euros it offers totally unexpected features. Its 4GB of RAM and Intel Celeron N4000 processor are able to make Windows 10 run much more smoothly than you would expect.

The weakest point is its processor: it has an Intel Gemini Lake N400. You’ll notice it if you run programs with a high graphics load or powerful video games, but it will be more than enough if you work with office programs and only surf the cloud. As for its graphics, it is an Intel UHD Graphics 600.

With a screen diagonal of 14 inches and Full HD panel and access to Wi-Fi 6 this model may be fine for those who want a computer with a more powerful processor. Its Intel Core i7 chip gives more possibilities than the first computers in this list.

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All this, along with an IPS FHD Nano Edge screen occupying only 1.39 cm thick, making it the thinnest Asus laptop. Like all ZenBooks, it is a team very oriented to creators, as it has dual Thunderbolt 4 port at 40 Gbps, touchpad with the new NumberPad 2.0 and active noise cancellation microphones. All this and much more we will tell you during the review, so let’s get started!

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We proceed to its opening, as usual case type with the detail of raising the equipment on its base so that we can hold it better. It is placed on a rigid cardboard mold inside a basic plastic case. In the lower floor will be where we find the rest of the accessories included, which in this case will be quite interesting.

In our case, being an engineering sample arriving directly from Asia, it has a Korean plug, so we will require an adapter for Europe. In your case it will already come with one perfectly compatible with those of our country.

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These musical instruments are some of the best electronic pianos available today, which is why I think this website is a great place to start when evaluating which piano to buy. For more in-depth research, check out the full individual reviews of my pianos and the buying suggestions we have prepared.

Here is our comparison of what we think are 5 good digital pianos in the price range of 400€ to 700€ that you can buy online at the best price. All of them are electronic pianos with 88 keys.

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In digital keyboards this hammer action does not exist because there are no counterweighted keys, there are not even sensitive keys, so the keys of an electronic keyboard are soft, in most cases. It is very difficult to find keyboards with less than 88 keys with counterweighted or sensitive keys.

Polyphony (how many notes can be played at the same time) is another very important point to take into account, since to study classical piano a minimum of 192 voices is recommended. Digital pianos usually have 256 voices of polyphony, although there are also those with 128, 96, 64 or 48 voices, which also influence the price of the instrument. There are also digital pianos with 384 voices of polyphony or even 512 in more advanced models.

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